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TOP A TOP is an authentic sound clash put together by Silver Fox & SFDC Radio based in Luton Town. As an ex professional boxer the idea of a one and one gladiatorial competition only seemed natural for me.

TOP A TOP is a great commodity for artists across the world, especially in the United Kingdom and JAMAICA. This is why I am saying I will be taking a tough stance against splice and fake Dubz in all TOP A TOP SOUND CLASHES.



  1. TOP A TOP is asking all sound systems and Djs who wanting to take part in a clash to fully register. You will not be listed for a clash until membership is obtained. Register here


TOP A TOP is in the processes of creating a trading zone for ARTISTS and SOUND SYSTEMS, DJS, etc. where dubs can be purchased at good prices to eradicate the stench in the music business.

TOP A TOP is asking all artists, Djs and sound systems join the fight.

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